Eduard Fontserè International Award on Meteorology 2011

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To favour and divulge knowledge on meteorological phaenomena in the Western Mediterranean Area, Associació Catalana de Meteorologia (ACAM), together with Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya (SMC), establishes a biennial prize:

Premi Internacional de Meteorologia Eduard Fontserè.

Endowed with 6,000 €, it is meant to award any submitted paper, published since 2009 in any indexed research journal on Meteorology or Climatology, and offering some noteworthy contribution to the knowledge on Meteorology and Climatology in the Western Mediterranean Area.

Any researcher on Meteorology, individually or as a team, can compete for the prize under the following

1. Format

1.1 One copy of the published paper must be submitted in digital format via email.

1.2 Required are, as well:
a) A form of submission of the paper, and acceptance of its Rules, signed by the author(s). The form is available from ACAM’s web:;

b) Personal data and a short Curriculum Vitae of the author(s), not exceeding one page in length.

1.3 Name and number of the indexed journal where the paper has been published.

1.4 Languages admitted: Catalan, English, French, Spanish.

2. Deadline and mailing
Deadline: September 10th, 2011.

The hardcopy submitted must be sent as detailed:

– The electronic copy will be sent in text or image format with extension 'pdf'), to:

– You must includee in the subject of mail: International Award.

3. Panel of Judges and verdict

3.1 The Panel of Judges is constituted by the ACAM’s Chairman, who will preside it, plus eight members: two of them proposed by SMC, two by AEMET (State Agency for Meteorology), two by the board of ACAM, and two by the Environmental Area of Diputació de Barcelona. The Panel of Judges is entitled to ask for assistance from external experts on the submitted papers.

3.2 The verdict of the Panel of Judges will be final. ACAM will announce it on ten days before the Jornades Fontserè 2011, and SMC will hand the prize during the final session of these very same Jornades.

3.3 If, according to the Panel of Judges, no submitted paper is worth the prize, this may be declared unawarded. In such case, ACAM will be entitled to commission a paper on meteorology for the same amount of the award.

4. Introduction of the awarded paper
The author or authors of the winning paper, are going to present it as a conference in the next odd-year Eduard Fontserè symposium, and write summary for the ACAM in order to be published both in the language used and translation (Catalan, Spanish and English). All expenses for this purpose are In charge of the winner (travel and accommodation when necessary).

5. Other subjects
Participants are bound to accept any decision taken by ACAM on any questions not dealt with in the present Rules.

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